The Long Afternoon | Cryptic Indie Rock for the Masses

The Long Afternoon is an organization that produces independent rock music. Their strategy of deliberate obscurity furthers an agenda that, to date, remains unknown to all but the group's inner circle. They employ a variety of tools, including percussive reproducers, wire vibration mechanisms, and electronic modulators, to craft, perform, and document carefully arranged patterns of sound.

All official information and disinformation released by The Long Afternoon organization is available through this web site, including press releases, recorded statements, video demonstrations, fictions, policy declarations, and more. Physical copies of the organization's recorded statements are available via outlets including,, and many more. 

The Long Afternoon's recorded statements also are available for streaming and download via services including, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and others of their ilk.

Although reclusive, The Long Afternoon is accessible and approachable. The organization welcomes questions and contacts from interested and/or perplexed individuals, fellow travelers, and kindred spirits. You may ask us anything.

The Long Afternoon's recorded statements:


Set into motion and sustained by loyal ghosts.

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An Index of Maladjustments

Two years of Jordan almonds and midnight phone calls from the feds.

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Signifying Nothing

In reverse the years become a tale told by an idiot.

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The Luxury Problem

You'll stand in the circle and make no sound.

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