Rock Music Psy Ops and Political Warfare: Beware

You Are Being Misled by Rock Music Psy Ops

Rock music psy ops have a long history. For example, the U.S. Army blasted Van Halen outside the offices of Noriega in the 1980s. Some believe the KGB unleashed Pat Boone on an unsuspecting American public. Cryptic indie rock band The Long Afternoon now stands accused as the latest group to be used as agents of public manipulation and disinformation. However, the band strongly denies these charges.

The Long Afternoon is susceptible to such charges because the group is cryptic and obscure. But they have never trafficked in rock music psy ops. They are not purveyors of disinformation. The group cares about integrity, so they would never willingly sully their music by lending it for use in political warfare.  They have never participated in any campaigns to manipulate public opinion.

In response to the controversy surrounding their music's alleged incorporation in a psy ops how-to seminar sponsored by the Bilderberg Group, the group released the following video.

By noting exactly how the video works to manipulate the viewer, the piece actually works as an antidote to rock music psy ops. It is an object lesson in increasing awareness and sensitivity to the relentless onslaught of manipulation by governments, corporations, marketers, and other entities with agendas that are not always as transparent as The Long Afternoon's.

With The Long Afternoon, you don't get rock music psy ops. There is no hidden majesty, no whisper in a dream. There's just the sun.


About The Long Afternoon

The Long Afternoon creates guitar-based rock music outside the traditional systems of recording industry careerism. "Just the Sun" is the first video from their fourth album, entitled Regression. The contributors hope you enjoyed it. Please support The Long Afternoon's mission by purchasing this or other songs by the organization from iTunes, Amazon, emusic, or whatever online distribution service you prefer.