Songs I Wish I’d Written: She’s Like Heroin to Me

The recording of "She's Like Heroin to Me" sounds rough and primitive, not unlike the 1920s and 1930s blues records that inspired the Gun Club.

Songs I Wish I'd Written: Wasn't Born to Follow

Songs I Wish I’d Written: Wasn’t Born to Follow

The Byrds' "Wasn't Born to Follow" isn't as well known as hits like "Eight Miles High." Too bad, because "Wasn't Born to Follow" is much more interesting.

Songs I Wish I'd Written: When You Smile

Songs I Wish I’d Written: When You Smile

The Dream Syndicate's "When You Smile" changed my life. That's not hyperbole.

Songs I Wish I’d Written: We Can Be Together

Jefferson Airplane were punk rock. I realize this is a laughable statement on many levels, but "We Can Be Together" proves it.

Songs I Wish I’d Written: At Her Open Door

If you think heavy rock and unabashed psychedelia are two great tastes that go great together, then you need to hear this one.

Songs I Wish I'd Written: Very Friendly

Songs I Wish I’d Written: Very Friendly

If incorporation into a "pop" song potentially trivializes a murder, at least Throbbing Gristle santizes nothing. "Very Friendly" leaves the horror intact.

Songs I Wish I’d Written: September Gurls

Not many pop songs are so perfect that not a single note could be bettered. This is one. If you've never heard "September Gurls," stop what you're doing and listen to it now.

Songs I Wish I'd Written: Reuters

Songs I Wish I’d Written: “Reuters”

"Reuters" is the first cut off Wire's 1977 debut album "Pink Flag," and it's a doozy of an opening salvo. Man, how I wish I had written this song.

The Long Afternoon Helps Keep Small Business in the Noise

From setting up charts of distortion and general noise to monthly bass rumbles and guitar squalls, The Long Afternoon allows small business owners to ignore the the aural needs of their clientele and focus on what matters most...running their business.

Not the Dream Syndicate but an Amazing Simulation...

The Long Afternoon Is the Best Medicine: An Rx For Stress

The Long Afternoon releases endorphins—hormones that help to reduce pain and relieve stress. The Long Afternoon also works muscles throughout your face...

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